Hypnotherapy for Cocaine Addiction

Posted by in Hypnosis on Nov 18, 2016

In 2004, about 12,166 were arrested due to cocaine and based on studies, one in every four Americans aged between 26 and 34 has admitted to using cocaine sometime in their lives.

The statistics above partly reveals how much cocaine is widely used in the U.S. In fact, aside from being the second most popular illegal recreational drug in the United States (the first is marijuana), it is also now approved for medicinal purposes. In spite of its medicinal properties, however, thousands of Americans are given emergency medical treatment due to cocaine overdose, making cocaine use an addiction that needs to be treated and stopped as fast as possible.

Why do people who have been arrested or are undergoing rehabilitation due to cocaine use keep on going back to using this recreational drug (even while still in prison or right after rehab treatment)? While not dismissing the efforts of doctors and others who work hard in helping people cope with their cocaine addiction, the process of treatment may just not be the right and needed process. This is because addiction to drugs, as explained by hypnotherapists, is just a quick and easy way to change ordinary, everyday reality from unbearable to bearable, so that people who are dependent are merely using these illegal substances, which allows them to experience a tremendous euphoric emotion, as some sort of a crutch to get through the day. Drug addiction is not the real problem that has to be addressed for it is just an outlet or a result of something else.

Different from medical treatment or attendance to meetings (help groups) for no one knows how long one has to attend, hypnotherapists rather offer a treatment that will address the real roots of the problem – the factors that led a person to trying cocaine, and to trying it again and again and again until he/she becomes addicted to it.

Through an addiction recovery program via hypnotherapy, a person will be made to realize what led him/her to the addiction, solving the whole problem. After treatment, he/she may expect to remain drug free and be able to finally enjoy life as he/she has always wanted.

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