Injuries in Explosion Accidents

Posted by in Explosions, Personal Injury on Jan 14, 2014

There are workplaces that are inherently dangerous. These include construction sites, where injuries are primarily caused by falling from high places or from equipment failure. People who work on pipelines, in coal mines, on oil rigs and refineries, and industries that deal with fossil fuels are also at risk, but mostly from explosion accidents.

Explosions are primarily the ultra-rapid release of energy, usually generating extreme heat and violently pushing the air first outward then sucking it inward as the release of energy creates a vacuum at the point of origin. This is also called a shockwave. Injuries in explosion accidents are often caused when the human body subjected to tremendous pressure rather than the heat itself, although that can also wreak havoc within the immediate area of the explosion. Secondary causes of injuries would be flying debris and collapse of structures. An explosion victim would be extremely lucky to come out alive.

Those who survive an explosion often have to deal with multiple injuries, such as burns, broken bones, internal hemorrhage, concussion or other traumatic brain injury, and injury to the ears, lungs and intestines. The weird thing about primary explosion injuries (blast injuries) which are caused by shockwaves is the absence of external signs of physical trauma, which can make it difficult for first responders to assess the severity of the injury. It is only after some time that the injuries begin to manifest themselves, and can lead to death unless properly identified and treated.

Explosion accidents are quite common in the oil and gas industries, which is why there are so many safety regulations pertaining to them. Unfortunately, not all employers prioritize the well-being of their workers, and accidents can happen because of lapses and negligence in ensuring a safe working environment. When this happens, explosion victims may have recourse to civil litigation if circumstances warrant them. Consult with an explosion accident or personal injury lawyer in the area to find out what can be done to get fair and just compensation.

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