Intentional and Unintentional Physical Abuse

Posted by in Nursing Home Abuse on Jan 1, 2017

Your loved one can experience different kinds of abuse inside nursing homes, and you may not be there to defend him or her. Your loved one can suffer emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and the most common abuse of all, physical abuse.

Physical abuse is very easy to detect, because most of the time the abuse leaves physical marks like unexplained bites, burns, scratches, and other wounds. There are instances where other patients are involved, but most of the time, the elder mistreatment in nursing homes is done by the medical staff.

The abuse can be intentional or not, but it does not change the fact that it can have a physical toll on your loved one. Intentional physical abuse can be caused by the medical staff’s frustration. They kick, slap, and shove their patients who do not cooperate. The use of excessive force to restrain their patient is also common.

As your loved one ages, he or she becomes more and more vulnerable to physical abuse because of the frailty of the human body, so these uses of excessive force can cause more damage than you think.

Unintentional physical abuse is mostly caused by structural issues in the nursing home. Maybe it is understaffed, giving more stress and frustration to the employees. The employees have the tendency to channel the stress and frustration toward the patients. There are also cases where unintentional physical abuse has been caused by the lack of training of the medical staff.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the physical abuse is intentional or not. It can cause bodily injury, physical pain, or outright impairment. The victim may also be vulnerable to emotional and psychological issues.

If your loved one has sudden changes in attitude, he or she may be experiencing some form of abuse. Take a look around and search for signs. Does the nursing home look understaffed? Does it look like it does not have sufficient facilities to cater to patient needs? Does your loved one have unexplained injuries?

To easily detect intentional and unintentional physical abuse, visit your loved one often and look for these signs. After all, not all elders can say to you directly that they are experiencing abuse because of their physical limitations. So, it is you who have to be assertive to detect abuses and prevent them from happening.

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