Storage Tips for the Home

Posted by in Storage on Feb 26, 2015

We all know we should utilize all of the space that you have in a storage unit, but this idea can be applied to your own home as well. Sometimes your living area is not big enough to fit all of the items you need on a consistent basis, but if you follow a few simple storage tips, you can save a significant amount of space for your necessities.

Fit as much under your bed as possible. If you have a typical bed frame, you can store smaller boxes and drawers underneath your bed and fill them with clothes or supplies. If your frame allows you to loft your bed, you can put a piece of furniture – like a desk or a drawer – below the bed. You can even use extensions for the feet of the bed, making it sit higher but also allowing more room underneath.

Shoe racks save an unbelievable amount of space in your closet. Because we consistently put shoes on and take them off, they tend to be disorganized and scattered. With a shoe rack, you have no choice but to be organized, and because shoe racks tend to build up instead of out, your closet floor with have more room for other miscellaneous items.

If do-it-yourself projects interest you, you might want to consider making a shelf that attaches to a corner wall. These shelves are great for decorative items that you love but cannot fit on your coffee table.

Bathrooms tend to get cluttered with bottles, appliances, and products that are no longer relevant. Although this is relevant to each room in your home, make sure you have a good spring cleaning for your bathroom especially. You will find that you do not need three hair straighteners, costume makeup from two Halloweens ago, or that mousse you bought in 2010. Even if you do not identify as a slob or a hoarder, everyone is holding onto something they do not need.

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