The Professional Difference

Posted by in Uncategorized on May 26, 2019

If you’re like me, you wonder why some people go through the hassle and costs of a professional lawn care service. I know that I used to think that they were scams, designed to take money from people for services that any homeowner could do themselves.

Suffice to say, my opinion has dramatically changed after realizing the difference in quality between professional lawn servicing and the lawn care that people are able to do themselves as amateurs. That difference — the difference between the experts and the amateurs — is why you should pay for lawn care services to periodically clean up your curb with edging and to mow down your lawn.

But let us say that you are meticulous with your lawn care, or that you are able to do the aforementioned basic tasks to your satisfaction. There is one additional reason you still need to contract professional lawn services to take care of your place: lawn renovations.

Renovations for Days

Lawn renovations are more extensive operations to fix problems with your lawn that cannot be solved with a simple trim or edging. For example, do you know what thatch is? I did not until reading about it on the website of Midwest Lawn.

Thatch is the layer in between the deep soil and the vegetation/grass on top. Thatch is mostly comprised of grass and debris but is full of nutrients that help lawns and plants grow. Professional lawn care companies like Midwest Lawn are experts in issues that may arise in thatch and other parts of the lawn that impact the health and glow of your grass.

Through renovations, extensive digs, and replantation, professional experts are more inclined to help with issues like thatch more than you can do after work or the occasional spare weekend.

Another issue that is surprisingly common that professional companies are more prepared to assist with is soil acidity. Similar to thatch problems, experts are going to have the knowledge and resources required to handle acidity that is stunting growth for your plants and grass.

In Defense of Professional Cutting

As previously mentioned, it is understandable if you defer to professionals on advanced issues like thatch or soil acidity, but otherwise rely upon yourself to take care of the lawn. However, there are some contexts in which your lawn may be better off if you used professionals.

If you are an elderly citizen or in advanced age, pushing a lawn mower all over your front and back yard may seem less and less exciting every month. Now would be a time to consider using some of your hard-earned retirement funds to take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And if you are injured in any way but are too proud to rely on other people to take care of your precious lawn, I understand. My advice would be to utilize a service to occasionally clean up details on your lawn (tricky areas, using an edger) or to take care of the back yard while you mow the front yard, etc. No matter what, do not let your ego get in the way of recovering from an injury. Use the professionals!

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