The Terrible Power of Rumors

Posted by in Criminal Law on Aug 23, 2019

A rumor can do many things to a person. Sometimes, albeit rarely, a positive rumor can benefit someone and improve their life. These rumors can range from mumblings about someone’s job qualifications to a long-standing account of someone’s lineage. Other rumors can inconvenience someone in a slightly negative way.

Think of high school locker rooms, where the line between the truth and a lie can become blurred. Although these can certainly cause a lot of distress and make someone a little bit less popular, very rarely do these kinds of rumors ruin someone’s life.

It definitely happens, but most people are lucky enough to be surrounded by the right people who love them and will back them up when the time comes. Other rumors can destroy someone to the point of no return.

In a court of law, suspects are treated as innocent until proven guilty. This means that it would be hard for someone to be charged with any crime without ample evidence against them. Along with proper evidence, there also has to be a belief beyond a reasonable doubt that this person committed the crime.

When someone is charged with a crime, both the judge and the jury have little to no doubt that the suspect is guilty. If there was a high amount of disbelief, the defendant would likely not be charged. Because of these systems, we generally trust the system and find it hard to believe that someone charged with a crime could, in fact, be innocent.

Every year, innocent people get charged with crimes that they did not commit. Court systems are beginning to realize that witness testimonies are largely unreliable, but some cases have been decided based upon that testimony. Racial bias, trauma, and a faulty memory can mean that a witness may truly believe that the defendant perpetrated the crime without even having been at the scene.

Evidence can be tampered with and perjury happens on a semi-regular basis. When someone is wrongfully charged with a minor misdemeanor, it is tragic, but their lives are not over. However, when an innocent person is charged with a felony such as first-degree murder, they can often not come back from it.

They may receive life sentences, and in the most severe cases, the death penalty. On top of this, their reputation is sullied, along with that of their friends and family.

A crisis management law firm such as Bruno Law Offices can help get those charges reversed before it’s too late. Defense lawyers are probably the best thing out there for someone who is in dire need of help. They can help overturn the charges against their client and rescue their reputation. They can also help get the charges changed from first-degree murder to second-degree, based on the defendant’s intent.

While they will likely still have to serve some time, the punishment is not nearly as severe as it is for a first-degree murder. If you or a loved one need help, reach out before it is too late!

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