Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Posted by in Personal Injury, Workplace Injuries on Jan 8, 2014

Employees in the U.S. generally believe that they have coverage if and when they get injured at the workplace, or if they have an accident while doing their work even outside the office. According to the Spiros Law, P.C. website, one in 5 American workers will be injured on the job every year.  Unfortunately, making a workers’ compensation claim is not always easy.

Employers are required by law to pay for and provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees. This is to protect employers from civil litigation if injuries are caused by some type of employer negligence or oversight; at the same time, it provides workers a way to cover the costs of an injury and any consequent loss income from lost days of work or disability.

For example, when an Eagle Ford Shale pipeline worker is injured in an explosion at work, the hospital stay and any subsequent medical treatment will be paid for by the insurance company, plus any lost days of work during recuperation. However, the employer would not want to forward a claim for Eagle Ford Shale injuries if at all possible because this will translate to an increase in the premiums. The more claims that are made and paid, the more the employer has to pay overall the following year. The employer prefer to deny claims if they can get away with it.

The most commonly denied claim is for injuries that are difficult to prove. It should be noted that while workplace accidents commonly result in injuries, workplace injuries do not need to be the result of an accident. There are several workplace injuries develop over time, and they are frequently disputed as a valid injury. A good example would be carpal tunnel syndrome, an injury that develops through repetitive motion. While the injury progresses slowly, it is definitely debilitating when it gets bad enough, and may warrant a workers’ compensation claim.

When a workplace injury claim is denied for this or other reasons, the most important thing is to make an immediate appeal with the assistance of a competent and experienced lawyer. Both employers and insurance companies will make every effort to avoid paying claims, so it is important that the lawyer can handle such cases well.

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